Building Packages

Truss US wants to make your project easier, not harder. Our experienced staff can design a solution based on your needs.

Custom Stamped Drawings

Need a custom size building? No Problem! Truss US can design and manufacture any size truss up to 60’ and it will fall under our certificate of conformance!

Building Plans

Some localities require compliance with certain building codes prior to construction. Truss US helps make sure your project complies with state and local requirements by providing stamped building plans or 3D concept drawings.

3D Building Concepts

Want to know what your building will look like before you make a decision? Truss US will supply you with a 3D drawing of your building inside and out!


Our parent company, Unified Defense (UD), is a leader in aircraft maintenance support. UD manufactures and delivers steel systems and equipment for aircraft maintenance and testing.

Gable Trusses

Truss US is able to build any gable truss up to 60’ wide at any pitch. All Truss US trusses are engineer approved and come with an installation diagram to make sure your trusses are exactly where they need to be.

Header Trusses

We crafted the header truss after a customer came to us needing wider bays for his equipment and was unable to find an affordable solution. The header truss allows you to span 24’ between posts giving you ample space to maneuver into your building.



Truss US - Manufacturing and Delivering Steel Trusses

Steel trusses, DIY pole barns, Equipment Buildings, Post Frame, Carports

Truss US, a division of Unified Defense, is committed to manufacturing and delivering steel trusses and accessories that you can depend on. At Truss US, our lightweight square tube trusses are easy to install and tested for quality and safety that will last for generations.
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Our square tube truss design allows you to build the shed, barn, or covered shelter you need now. If your project expands, our trusses can too--you’ll never outgrow Truss US!
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Build Packages

Not sure what you need? Contact our design and engineering team. Our experienced staff can design a solution based on your needs. We can even help if all you have is an idea. Call us!
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Barn Estimator

Our innovative Estimator tool is designed to simplify the process and give you an accurate estimate in no time. With just a few clicks, you can input your project specifications.

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