Our design and fabrication team strives to provide you with products of the highest quality that will last a lifetime.

We stock trusses in multiple standard sizes so we can quickly an conveniently meet the needs of our customers. We also offer custom design and building services, when one of our standard sizes doesn't quite fit your needs. Pleas contact us to discuss your custom truss needs.


Truss US is able to build any gable truss up to 60’ wide at any pitch. All Truss US trusses are engineer approved and come with an installation diagram to make sure your trusses are exactly where they need to be. Call us today to see which trusses will work best for your project.


Truss US manufactures lean-to trusses up to 30’ long at any pitch. Lean-tos are a great way to get that extra space you are looking for without compromising on space inside your barn. Our lean-to design also makes it very easy to add onto an existing building. Call us today to discuss adding lean-tos to your building.


We crafted the header truss after a customer came to us needing wider bays for his equipment and was unable to find an affordable solution. The header truss allows you to span 24’ between posts giving you ample space to maneuver into your building. These unique trusses can be implemented in one or all bays depending on your requirements.


Truss US wants to make your project easier, not harder. Our experienced staff can design a solution based on your needs. We can even help if all you have is an idea. Call us today!

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